Alex Drastal

Alex Drastal is a professional cosplayer, actor, gamer, and all-around nerd!  As a cosplayer, he is well-known for his My Hero Academia cosplays, such as All Might, Stain, Tiger, and All for One, as well as characters like the Witcher, Tarzan, and others. He’s also done some silly ones you may have seen, such as “Yamcha in the crater” (Dragon Ball Z), “Buff Doc” from Snow White, and his “Genderbend Slave Leia”.

He’s been featured in projects with YouTube creator King Vader, as Stain and Nine from My Hero Academia, Broly from Dragon Ball Super, Cobra Kai Sensei, and Batman, as well as a few projects that have yet to come out. He’s also working with Nerdbot Studios on a couple projects he’s very excited about that will soon be announced. 

Alex has been a geek as long as he can remember, going to conventions with his dad since he was old enough to walk. He loves tabletop games, computer games, console games, and D&D. He also loves anime, and is a massive Lord of the Rings fan! He does medieval sword fighting, and is also a LARPer.  

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