Oct 11 — 13, 2019
Los Angeles Convention Center

Alicia Marie

FITNESS SUPERSTAR and fan-pop culture powerhouse Alicia Marie discovered fitness at the age of eight after spotting a comic book shot of DC Comic’s Wonder Woman kicking the pants off some villains – in star-studded booty shorts. Known for her expert opinion and articles on building a better backside, Alicia is a published author (THE BOOTY BIBLE ), she stars in her own workout DVD (The 30-Day BUTTLIFT – Lionsgate), she is a television and multi-media fitness personality (MTV), a 70-time national magazine cover model and a professional cosplayer and costume creator. An avid gamer and lover of all things MMO, MOBA and “RPG,” Alicia was the concept model for video game characters such as Wonder Woman (Injustice 2) and Mileena (Mortal Kombat) and she has lent her facial features for various character creation concepts for female aliens, androids and even zombies for Xbox and Ubisoft.

After receiving a degree in Neuroscience and studying Broadcast Journalism at Columbia University, Alicia was a syndicated fitness columnist for over a decade. An avid lover of creepy fiction, Alicia has also penned short horror stories.

And yes, that was actually her rear in those classic Jergen’s body lotion adverts. Chat with her weeknights on livestream platform Twitch at AliciaMarie.com

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