Andre Owens

Andre Owens is a seasoned comic book creator and award-winning cinematographer turned screenwriter. He is the co-writer of the upcoming Sony/Screen Gems feature film, Reparations, and is currently producing the documentary, “Herotalk,” about a message board that incubated Black film and comic talent before the rise of social media. He has two TV projects with Universal Music Group and Lionsgate TV, one about a pirate DJ in an anti-music authoritarian future called Analog, and another about the great backing band from the 1960’s, The Wrecking Crew.

Andre grew up as the lone Black kid in a heavily Mennonite community in Western Maryland learning how to navigate the waves of racial injustice at a young age. His work is pointedly influenced by this upbringing and makes him an ideal person to bring an authentic voice to the stories the public craves. He currently resides in Los Angeles, and is busy working on his next original comic book.

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