Azura (“AZZ-er-ah”) is a professional cosplayer, costume & graphic designer, and traditional artist from New York. She specializes in realistic & embellished renditions of known video-game/movie/anime characters, as well as original designs, armor, and hyper-realistic animal headdresses. A few of her most recognizable costumes include her armored design of the direwolf, Ghost, from Game of Thrones, her LED-infused Void Elf costume from World of Warcraft, and her original lion-headdressed design, the “Lion King Barbarian”. Azura has been featured on numerous online video-game and cosplay sites, including, and made appearances on networks such as GameStop TV.

Azura has been a huge nerdball since she was a young child—constantly nose-deep in fantasy books, video games, cartoons, fantasy art, animal books, etc., and drew her first dragon at age 2 (i.e. the age when her mother was worried she’d sooner eat the pen than put it on paper). As an absolute goober who can be spotted stalking through stores around Halloween in a dinosaur mask and claws, pretending to be a velociraptor, or grinning creepily around corners like Willem DaFoe in “The Smile Man” when she smells food, she lives by the belief that one should always embrace and enjoy their inner child, no matter what others think.

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