Chris Batista

Born and raised on the mean streets of Manhattan New York. One of four boys to a Scottish mother and Puerto Rican father. Due to a lack of Internet, Chris read a whole TON of comic books and he loved to draw those characters on anything he could find. He dreamed of becoming a comic artist and possibly a rodeo clown. As there were never any rodeos in NY, he stuck to drawing which lead to graduating from Laguardia High School of the Arts. While attending the School of Visual Arts, he was taught by the legendary Gene Colan and Klaus Janson. His first foray as a professional artist was for an issue of X-Factor for Marvel comics… he hopes he’s improved since then. Along with Tamara Kiteley, John Hebert and Gary Schaffer they are premiering their new comic book, an LA Comic Con exclusive, The Outer Space Men in booth 1241.

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