Christie Shinn

Christie Shinn is an illustrator and comic artist that lives in the city of Los Angeles. She draws funny, mean stuff like ‘Demon Bitch’ and other terrible illustrations and comics showing the world in its vapid, gross entirety, plagued by a completely self-serving bunch of losers that only are in it for themselves. Oh wait, that’s her children’s books. Actually, she likes cats and food as well as other forbidden interests like: art, weapons (lots of them), and being utterly based in her humor and observations! She will take the ellyfunt in the room, slaughter it, and put it on a plate all for you!

She has won the 2018 Ringo award with her team on “Mine! – a comics collection to benefit Planned Parenthood’ for Best Anthology, the back cover of Real Deal #8, and ‘Personal Monsters: A Compendium of Monstrosities of Personality’. On top of that, she writes and draws things that are not terrible and are actually nice… Surprisingly, she’s a great person to talk to! Her website is at: and you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Webtoon, Twitch, Instagram, etc. she has to be a social media whore everywhere she goes!

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