Darin Henry

Emmy™-nominated writer/producer Darin Henry has written comedy for Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen Degeneres, The Muppets, Billy Crystal, Zendaya, Lee Mack and Larry David. He was also recently shortlisted for the prestigious “Most Celebrity Names Dropped in a 200 Word Biography” Award. In addition to his extensive work on American sitcoms, Henry spent three years living in London, where he served as writer and co-executive producer on the hit BBC1 sitcom My Family and wrote freelance scripts for other BBC series including Not Going Out and Hotel Babylon as well as a Doctor Who audio drama starring Peter Davison. Henry has also contributed material to Curb Your Enthusiasm and co-wrote and produced The Seinfeld Story for NBC. More recently, Henry wrote and executive produced the popular spy family sitcom, KC Undercover and started his own publishing company called Binge Books which makes fun, family-friendly graphic novellas. Henry, who is currently writing an animated sitcom for Netflix, resides in Santa Monica with his wife and their two adorable children.

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