Diana Trujillo

Diana Trujillo was born and raised in Cali, Colombia, whereas a young Latina she imagined exploring and traveling through space. At the age of seventeen, Diana immigrated to the United States to pursue her dream of one day working for NASA. Beginning in 2008, she was able to achieve that goal, joining NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory as an aerospace engineer. Currently, Diana serves as one of the Mission Leads for NASA’s next generation Mars rover, Perseverance. In that role, she is tactically responsible for the team that commands the rover activities of the day as well as the team that analyses the rover’s telemetry and behavior to determine healthy and state. Previously, she served as a Surface Flight Director during early surface commissioning, and the Deputy Surface Phase Lead on the mission’s Robotic Arm and the SHERLOC and PIXL scientific instruments which identify, evaluate, and collect critical information on the surface of Mars.

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