Erin MacDonald

Erin Macdonald (PhD, Astrophysics) is a tattooed one-woman career panel for an astrophysics degree and currently lives in Los Angeles working as a writer as well as the technical consultant for the Star Trek franchise. She received her PhD from the University of Glasgow in Scotland doing research with the LIGO Collaboration on general relativity and gravitational waves. After research she moved into public education at museums and colleges before consulting for the federal government (Department of Defense and, what is now the US Space Force). Erin then followed her passion into writing and entertainment consulting where she could tell the types of stories that can inspire future generations and joined the Star Trek franchise in 2019. In addition to TV writing she is a recurring writer for the popular YouTube channel Extra Credits, and wrote and narrated the Audible Original The Science of Sci-Fi while continuing to give talks and panels on the science of science fiction at a number of popular culture conventions across the country.

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