Fireball Tim

Fireball Tim Lawrence is a Hollywood Car Designer and Founder of Fireball Publishing which creates amazing Automotive Coloring Books. He’s also Design Director for the Murphy Auto Museum in Oxnard, Ca where he features an amazing Art Gallery of Automotive Celebrities.

A true legend in the Car Design world, Fireball has designed vehicles for over 400 of Hollywood’s biggest films including BATMAN (1989 Batmobile is at the Petersen Museum), KNIGHT RIDER, JURASSIC PARK, MONSTER GARAGE and ARTEMIS FOWL. He’s also an Award Winning Car Designer, Filmmaker, Host for Speed Channel, TLC, Discovery, Velocity, and many others and has literally reached over a Billion viewers.

Fireball (His given name) currently hosts 2 online series. “THIS IS MY RIDE” featuring modified cars across the globe and “ART TALK LIVE” on Facebook every weekday morning which helps to improve creativity in people’s lives. He was also the host of the Award-Winning Vlog “FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG” with over 1000 episodes. and @fireballtim on IG.

Fireball’s wife Kathie Lawrence is KCL Productions. You may remember KCL as builders of the super-successful line of SUPER MARIO CHARACTERS from the famous commercials in the 90’s and 2000’s. Kathie also built HR Puff n’ Stuff, Banana Splits, Cujo, Masters of the Universe, Mr. Roboto, Elllen DeGeneres’ Christmas Mascots and hundreds of others. http://www.kclproductions and @surfing2malibu on IG.

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