Gabriel Valentin

Gabriel Valentin is the creator, writer and producer for Digital Lizards Of Doom. A graphic novel series that is a massive love letter to pop-culture and fantasy fandom. Beyond the book series, Gabriel Valentin produces music and animated shorts that help bring the characters of the DLoD universe to life. Since July 2021 Digital Lizards of Doom has sold over 40,000 children’s music albums, has made over $200,000 in merchandise sales and in the past year alone has generated over $75,000 in book sales. Digital Lizards of Doom has also been featured in some of the biggest pop-culture magazines in the world including Forbes, SyFy, Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Monthly.

Digital Lizards Of Doom is a fantasy adventure series, inspired by role playing, video adventure games and Saturday morning cartoon shows. The scope and world-building in the story is pulled largely from classics like “Star Wars” and “Conan The Barbarian”. The character development and pacing are inspired by adventure cartoons like “Samurai Jack” and “Adventure Time”. With dialogue and page layout that creates a reading experience unlike any graphic seen before, Digital Lizards Of Doom pulls the audience in with its dynamic storytelling system that constantly breaks the “Fourth wall” and makes the reader a part of the story.

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