Geek Strong

Geekstrong is a video creative director, a photographer with the largest cosplay following on social media, a native Angeleno, a cosplayer, a lover of vlogging geek adventures, and a catalyst to many of the wonderfully creative artists in the community.

Since attending his first convention, GeekStrong has strived to bring joy and entertainment to all of the conventions and events he attends. He also has been a proponent of mental health advocacy and has strived to help eradicate the stigma of mental health disorders.

He is most recently known for his viral cosplay photography which has been shared on hundreds of websites and cosplay pages, and his viral Joker cosplay on TikTok. He is a published photographer and has promotional creative collaborations with Disney, Amazon, Netflix, Paramount, and Warner Bros., and collaborations with ArmoredHeartCosplay, CandyLionCos., and several other cosplayers featured on TheGeekStrong Instagram page.

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