Greg Peters

Greg Peters is a professional character animation artist who claims that he was born
with a pencil in his hand. He began drawing his favorite TV characters at the ripe young age
of two years old. “I remember telling people that I was going to draw cartoons when I grow
up”, he recalls. In 1990 Greg graduated from the prestigious California Institute of the Arts
in Valencia, CA with a BFA degree in Character Animation. He has a long list of high
credentials beginning with Hanna-Barbera Productions the studio whose cartoons he grew
up closely with. While at H-B, he worked on such shows as “ Tom and Jerry Kids”, “The
Adventures of Don Coyote “, “ Fish Police ”series well as doing animation on commercials
featuring “The Jetsons” and “The Flintstones”. After animating TV bumpers for the FOX
network he landed an animation position on Ralph Bakshi’s. feature film “Cool World”. Next
he was off to a character design position on the popular “Rugrats” TV series. This was
followed by being employed by video game giant Sega of America where he animated on
various video games like Disney’s “ Bonkers”, etc. Next, it was off to Walt Disney Animation
where he worked as a Character Layout Artist on “The Lion King -Timon and Pumbaa” and
as a Storyboard artist on “Mickey’s Mouseworks”, “Mickey’s House of Mouse” and more.
Greg also worked freelance for Warner Brothers on “Tazmania” before moving in house as a
character designer on the award winning series ”Animaniacs” and “Pinky and the Brain”.
Also notable is his work at Sony/Imageworks where he worked as a Character Designer on
the Dilbert TV series. He was instrumental in helping to get a studio in Wisconsin up and
running as well as animate on that studio’s projects. This was followed by his move to Texas
where he works as a freelance artist and caricaturist in addition to appearing at several local
and nationwide events including appearing at numerous comic cons as a guest artist.
Currently, he is working on a variety of projects including being the illustrator on an
upcoming comic book series as well as a children’s book and more. Greg believes that his
versatility of being able to draw in several different styles is the number one reason for his

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