John Glover

John Glover is the Tony winning actor best known for his DC Comics characters, specifically LIONEL LUTHOR on the hit Superman TV series SMALLVILLE and THE RIDDLER in BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES. This year, John led the season 6 storyline of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD as TEDDY, a convicted serial killer who became a cult leader and launched a nuclear strike on the humans and zombies.

Additional DC Comics roles include MR. SIVANA (Mark Strong’s father) in Zachery Levi’s SHAZAM! and DR. WOODRUE (who created Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy) in BATMAN AND ROBIN.

John played businessman DANIEL CLAMP in Joe Dante’s GREMLINS 2, Brice Cummings in Bill Murray’s SCROOGED, Verad in STAR TREK DS9, and the DEVIL in BRIMSTONE.

John is a proud supporter of the work of The Alzheimer’s Association, for which he has been a long time benefactor and speaker.

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