Luke McGarry

Luke McGarry is an illustrator, cartoonist, animator and designer from Manchester, UK, now based in Los Angeles. His clients include MAD, Playboy, and The New Yorker, and posters for Coachella, Tenacious D, and The LA Galaxy. He created minor internet phenomenon Sad Chewie, as well as a number of animations and music videos for the likes of Vans, Google, VISA, IFC, Vice, and Epitaph Records. His comic strip Lukey McGarry’s TLDR runs daily on GoComics. He has received both Advertising Illustrator of the Year and the Silver T-Square award from the National Cartoonist Society, and a cease and desist letter from the city of Santa Monica.

He’s one half of design outfit Fantastic Heat Brothers, and he sings, plays bass and twiddles knobs in the band Pop Noir.

Instagram & Twitter: @lukeymcgarry

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