Mauro Balcazar

Mauro Balcazar is a New Jersey-based graphic designer, artist and owner of the Coffin Couture design studio. By day, a mild-mannered designer for, creating cover art for the likes of Margaret Atwood and R.L. Stine. But by night, illustrating and designing art inspired by his love of pop culture in various mediums ranging from paintings, enamel pins and tarot cards.

His previous works include portraits for several of Creature Features themed art shows including Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Godzilla, Tim Curry and The Rocketeer at their gallery in Burbank, California. In addition to having worked with Meltdown Comics and BOOM! Studios on their Power Rangers “Morphinomenal Art Show” in Burbank, California.

Currently, Mauro’s artwork will be featured in the upcoming “John Carpenter’s Halloween: Artbook” published by Printed in Blood and in the “Aliens – Artbook” published by Titan Books in collaboration with Printed in Blood, expected to release in Winter 2021. More of Mauro’s professional work can be found at and

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