Mia Bunn

I am the artist and Writer of my comic DAFUQ??
I am a fine artist, and mural painter that became bored with traditional art. By 2014 I had a strong itch to release my sarcasm in cartoon form. Whelp after getting an IG account and seeing all of the crap turning up in my feed…I had allot to say .
Dafuq was created 3 years ago, and the audience has grown allot on Instagram appealing to ages 13 and up.
My comic takes you into the ratchet side of social media and Gen Z culture.
Dafuq was born out of everything that annoyed me on Instagram and my stories are influenced
by real events and people I know.
The title Dafuq?? Just made perfect sense as this phrase is used constantly by the characters.

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