Mog Park

Mog Park is best known for providing concept designs, illustrations and story pages for HBO’s Game of Thrones included in 15 short videos under “History and Lore of Westeros” in the Game of Thrones BluRay DVDs for seasons 3 to season 7.

She currently works in the comics industry providing cover art for various companies including Bookoo Comics, Counter Point Comics, BDI, Fairie Metal, Mount Olympus, Dren Productions, Hanahan Comics, Mighty Comics, Sire Comics, Cagey Comics to name a few. She is the regular artist for Snow Paw from Lone Wolf Comics and Ruxy from Cagey Comics. Besides seeing her at many cons across the country she appears every Sunday at 6pm PST on the Artist Alley Shopping Network FB page and her own FB page. She currently resides in the Inland Empire drawing cats and dogs. @MogPark on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and ArtStation. Also as @Dubugomdori on DeviantArt.

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