Our convention is a perfect place to meet others who share in the love of your favorite fandom. For a couple of Jay and Silent Bob mega fans, it was a marriage proposal dream come true.

“LA Comic Con is very important to me and my fiancé. We had only talked online, and by fate we happened to meet for the very first time there. We almost exclusively do couples cosplays, and chose to do Jay and Silent Bob when we heard about the Quick Stop photo op where we would have the chance to meet two of our favorite actors. We had discussed marriage before, and I told him whenever he found the perfect moment, don’t be nervous because the answer was already yes. On a whim, my fiancé decided that was that moment to propose. He approached the staff at Legion M to ask permission and they loved the idea so much they asked Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes to be a part of it! They immediately said yes and the rest is history. We got engaged as Jay and Silent Bob in front of the Quick Stop with the help of the real Jay and Silent Bob! I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect proposal.” – Amber

Congratulations to the happy couple on their engagement!


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