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Amy Jo Johnson added on Sunday!

We’re so excited to announce that Amy Jo Johnson, best known for Mighty Morphin Power RangersFelicity and Flashpoint, is joining us for the first time ever Sunday, Dec. 5th for autographs, photo ops and a Main Stage panel!

That’s not all — Keep scrolling to see who else we’ve announced so far!


We are currently planning to split our Saturday and Sunday into two 5-hour sessions in order to better manage the crowd density of fans at the show. With fewer fans attending any one session, 5-hour long sessions will allow you to explore the entire show in a less crowded space.

We know that you may not know what session you want to attend this far out… As our schedule gets locked down and announced, if it turns out you picked the wrong am/pm session, we will guarantee you can switch – No hassle, no fees.

If public health and crowd density guidelines allow us to reconsider full day passes, your 3-Session or 1-Session Pass will automatically transfer to a 3-Day Weekend or 1-Day Pass for the day you selected your session.

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