Sep 25 — 27, 2020
Los Angeles Convention Center
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Skyride Studios presents: Neon Tide – A Cyberpunk Visual Novel

Saturday @ 1:00 pm - 2:20 pm

In our 75 minute talk, we would like to cover a variety of subjects related to Visual Novels and our approach when creating our cyberpunk visual novel: Neon Tide.

1. How we got started in Visual Novels.
2. The programs used to create ours.
3. Using 3D programs for visual novels.
4. The differences between making music/sound design for a video game VS. a visual novel
5. How to best organize sounds and songs to blend seamlessly into a visual novel
6. Impressionistic sound design and why it fit for our cyberpunk story.
7. Multiple-composer collaboration

Audience Take-Away:
Our intentions are to educate the general audience about visual novels, how they differ from normal games, the advantages and disadvantages of working on a visual novel and best use practices. As well as answer any questions the audience might have about making Visual Novels of their own.

We will be offering raffle tickets, stickers and pocky to any audience member willing to ask a question during our Q&A and the winner of the raffle will receive a free boxset valued at over $75.


1:00 pm - 2:20 pm


Gaming, Other
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Panel Discussion
Simon Tse
Moderator Qualifications
Simon Tse has moderated our past panel at Anime Expo and did a fantastic job. He has been involved in our game process and can help guide the conversation in the right direction if we go off topic.
Panelists (one per line)
Will Novy Virginia Tse Simon Tse Luis Zavala Jason Lester Mike Bearden
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Saturday, Oct 12, Sunday, Oct 13
Panel Length
75 Minutes
Expected Attendance
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We just need a projector, HDMI connection, speakers and 5 mics. Thank you very much.
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