Sep 25 — 27, 2020
Los Angeles Convention Center


On the floor:
Majestix Heroclix


Friday 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Format: X-Men: the Animated Series Battle Royales (1 booster of X-Men)
Entry: $18 per player
Prizing: Recent OP Kits
*Battle Royales will start once 4 players sign up; 45min. Rounds

*Snake Draft afterwards (all figures go in the pool for Prize Drafting by order of finish)

Saturday 12:00pm
Format: 300pt X-Men: The Animated Series Sealed (2 boosters of X-Men)
Entry: $35 per player
Prizing: Baron Mordo OP Kit
*Build a 300pt team using only the figures you pull from your boosters!
*3 Rounds of Swiss

Saturday 3:30pm
Format: 300pt “Pauper” Modern Age
Entry: $5
Prizing: Baron Mordo OP Kit

*Every game element must have either a green tab or white tab (no primes allowed whatsoever), including your Sideline
*Highlander Rules (only one copy of each figure allowed on your force)
*Location Bonuses are allowed

*3 Rounds of Swiss

Sunday 12:00pm
Format: 500pt Named Theme Team Silver Age
Entry: $5
Prizing: Baron Mordo OP Kit

*All figures on your Main Force must share a Named Keyword

*4-figure minimum, ATAs allowed, no additional game elements allowed during Force Construction
*Any carded set is legal

*3 Rounds of Swiss

World-8 Battle Arena in Concourse Hall
Smash Bros Ultimate
Street Fighter V
Tekken 7
Samurai Shodown
Mortal Kombat 11
Next Gen Games
Magic the Gathering

Golden State Gaming Network for board game demos and open gaming from such companies as the Indie Game Alliance, Steve Jackson Games, IDW, Renegade, Cmon and many more. Players of all skill types are invited to come and pick up or learn a game. Seasoned gamers to the novice are encourage to come and roll dice or flip some cards. Join us for any one of our special events!!

Welcome to the world’s greatest Role Playing Game—Dungeons and Dragons! D&D Adventurers League (5th edition) is the official free-to-play organized play system for the D&D rpg system, accommodating everyone from first time players to seasoned veterans. Each game session is a complete story adventure in a two-hour time slot. If you’ve never played before, we ask you come at least thirty minutes before your desired game time so that we can teach you how to play, set you up with your first character, and arrange some dice for loan during your play session Walk in games are offered all weekend at a first come first served basis. Games begin Friday at 2pm and 6pm, Saturday at 10am, 3pm, and 5pm, Sunday begin at 10am and 3pm. Between adventurers, we offer several activities including learn-to-play opportunities and a scavenger hunt with prizes provided by Master Monk Gaming, Kraken Dice, Melee Mats, and Wizards of the Coast.

To volunteer, or to guarantee your space at a particular game, pre registration can be found by searching Los Angeles Comic Con 2019 at While we strive to be an all-inclusive gaming experience, we do ask that all minors be accompanied by a responsible guardian.

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