Oct 11 — 13, 2019
Los Angeles Convention Center


The team here at L.A. Comic Con were preparing materials for this October’s show, and we realized that this is our 8th year creating this awesome pop-culture mash-up for everyone in L.A. As you know, 8 is a mystical and powerful number, revered by the Chinese, in Kabbala, by arachnophiles and by Crazy 8’s players universally. It is also the number of tentacles of our beloved Octopus, who has loomed large over the fair city of Lost Angels since we launched the show as Comikaze Expo in 2011. So what better way to celebrate 8 years with our 8-tentacled mascot than by declaring 2018 (another 8!) the year of our #Octoversary!

So come celebrate our #Octoversary with us this October (named for Octopuses everywhere) 26, 27 & 28.  There will be WAY more than 8 reasons to be glad you did!

#LosAngelesComicCon #Octoversary

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