Professional Registration



A Professional Badge is a courtesy offered to professionals who play an active role in the comics, animation, television, film, book, video game, gaming and toy industries. You must be currently working in the creative field to qualify for a Professional Badge (your last project must have been completed within the last two years). Agents, managers and executives do not qualify for Professional badges. The only way to apply for a professional badge is to submit an online Professional Registration form.

During the application process, you are required to provide a link to verification materials of at least one of your previous projects that was published or manufactured within the last 24 months. This includes documents, images, videos, et cetera.

Professional Badges are limited and not all applicants who meet the guidelines can be accommodated. Professional verification and approval is ultimately at the discretion of the Los Angeles Comic Con team.

Please understand that your Professional Badge:

  • Does not allow early access, special access, or guaranteed seating in Los Angeles Comic Con related events (panels, interviews, et cetera).
  • Does not allow you to cut lines.
  • Does not allow access into any events requiring an additional ticket.
  • Is non-transferable. You may not transfer or sell your Professional Badge. Transferring or selling your Professional Badge will result in permanent disqualification from approval as a Professional at future L.A. Comic Con events.

Professional Badges will no longer include one (1) courtesy Guest Badge.

PLEASE NOTE: You will be asked to create an account on Tixr before you get to the application. Once you submit your application, you will be added to the “Waitlist.” If approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and QR code that you can use to pick up your badge onsite during show hours.

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