Show Exclusives

Batman (Matte Black Version) Designer Collectible Toy
Booth number: Sideshow, # 905
Marvel “Doppelganger: Spider-Man” Funko Pop!
Booth number: Hot Topic # 1035
Batman: The Animated Series: “Two-Face” Funko Pop!
Booth number: Hot Topic, #1035
Sin City Blank Variant Cover
Booth number: Frank Miller, #1664
POP Hunter X Hunter Illumi Zoldyck
Booth number: Toystop, #1003
Legion M Exclusive MANDY
Booth number: Legion M, #935
Official 2021 LA COMIC CON Coloring Book
Booth number: Fireball Publishing, Artist Alley
Immortal Era 1 (Special Edition)
Booth number: Finish Line Comics, Artist Alley

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