House of Secrets

House of Secrets had its origin in 1991 in Montrose, Ca. Then called ACME Comics, owner Paul Grimshaw severed ties with the wire and cable business, mothballed his collection of suit and ties, and swore never to wear “big boy” pants again. In the madness of 1996 when comic shops appeared like pimples on teenagers, Paul moved his store to beautiful Burbank, Ca. This second incarnation was called House of Mystery and carried mostly comics, as the pogs and spawn toy faze had left him somewhat disenchanted. Eighteen months later he was on the move again, buying Heroes comics on Olive Ave, and converting it into The House of Secrets. One last move, a mere 5 doors down, moved him to his final resting place, 1930 W. Olive, current location of HoS.

Paul still takes great pleasure in providing comics to new and old customers alike, and is warmed by the many friendships formed throughout the years. Anyone in need of a 34 regular suit should inquire within.

House of Secrets
1930 W Olive St
Burbank, CA 91506
818 562 1900
Monday 11a – 7p
Tuesday 11a – 7p
Wednesday 11a – 8:30p
Thursday 11a – 7p
Friday 11a – 8p
Saturday 11a – 7p
Sunday 12p – 5p

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