Sep 24 — 26, 2021
Los Angeles Convention Center


As part of our booth renewals at the 2019 show, Los Angeles Comic Con partnered with Storyblaster, a company that offers social media storytelling templates proven to build audiences and increase sales.

With Storyblaster, you get:

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Small Business Relief
Storyblaster has also created a Small Business Relief Social Media Content Template which we are offering—FREE —to all small businesses, merchants, service providers, creatives, and entrepreneurs needing to raise funds, generate sales, and get community support to stay afloat during COVID-19. As we turn to online marketing for survival, The Small Business Relief Social Media Content Template offers proven story prompts, guidance and strategy in every post, so you know exactly what to say, when, where and why to succeed. You can use the Small Business Relief Template to raise funds on your business’s website, or with any crowdfunding campaign you may be running including GoFundMe. Get yours by visiting

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