Panel Submissions



While we cannot approve every panel that comes our way (much as we’d love to), here are some tips to help us review and consider your submission:

  • Pick a topic that you feel other fans are also passionate about/interested in
  • Try to come up with a fresh topic or new take on an existing one
  • Be clear and concise in your panel description
  • Choose a panel title that will grab an audience’s attention
  • Have a strong sense of who will be moderating and participating in the panel even if they’re not fully finalized
  • Fill out every portion of the submission form to give us as much information as possible
  • Make sure topics are family-friendly or clearly marked as being for adults
  • Please submit no more than four (4) panels for consideration
  • Topics should not violate our harassment policy found here

We get hundreds of submissions every year, and space is limited, so using these tips is going to greatly increase your chances of earning a slot.

The submission deadline is September 6th, 2019. Panels submitted after that time will sadly not be considered as we need time to review and approve programming.

We look forward to finding out more about you and your panel, so submit away!

Panel Submission

  • Please select the available days for your panel (Please note: Selecting “Any Day” will increase the likelihood of your panel being approved due to flexibility of scheduling)
    Please note: longer panels can be more difficult to schedule. Most LA Comic Con panels are 50 minutes
  • Los Angeles Comic Con will do its best to accommodate A/V requests, but it is dependent on availability of the equipment. We cannot guarantee that equipment will be compatible with your devices; we recommend you be prepared with alternate devices or backup options if they are crucial to your presentation.

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