#THANKMAS with Tiltify

Tiltify, the presenting sponsor of the new Tiltify Arena Stage in the West Hall is bringing #THANKMAS to Los Angeles Comic Con! Click ‘View Schedule’ to see Tiltify’s 6 new programming moments on the Tiltify Arena Stage in the West Hall!

L.A. Comic Con is donating $5 from every sale of the Weekend Streaming Pass in the Comic Con Metaverse to #Thankmas.

#THANKMAS is an annual multi-platform digital fundraising event that takes place during the holiday season. Created by Sean “Jacksepticeye” McLoughlin and Real Good Touring Group, the event brings together content creators, influencers, and celebrities across a range of platforms including TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook. This year, #THANKMAS is teaming up with New Story to help end global homelessness. The goal is to raise $10M to provide new homes for 1,000 families.

Who is Tiltify?

Tiltify is an online fundraising platform that empowers communities, charities and companies to impact change across the globe. Tilftify specializes in video-based fundraising tools that drive authentic engagement on social platforms like YouTube, Twitch and TikTok.

AND — Tilitify has planned an entire schedule of Panels and Events throughout the weekend. To view the complete Tiltify schedule along with the full L.A. Comic Con schedule, click on the button below!

Who is New Story?

New Story is a Y Combinator backed nonprofit that was founded because innovation was absent in the area of the world that needed it most. They source new solutions, like 3-D printing, to help teams everywhere build better, faster, and more cost-effective homes. To date, they have built more than 2,300 homes across Haiti, El Salvador, Bolivia and Mexico for families living on less than $10 a day. They started their efforts in Latin America because those countries allowed them to experiment and prove building solutions that can be tested and implemented throughout the world.

Participate in Unique AVOX Signings

A unique autograph and meet & greet experience bundle that allows you to interact with up to 15 voice actors from your favorite anime series and video games, such as Demon Slayer, NarutoPersonaMarvel Universe, and more!

You can get up to 15 autographs on a limited-edition poster and experience an intimate 1-minute meet & greet with each voice actor. Some of the artists will also be greeting fans in the West Hall throughout the weekend!

Play on our LAN Gaming Network

Sign up to play your favorite games against other enthusiasts on our local network. You’ll be playing on one of the 60+ state-of-the-art gaming PCs so that you can fight for bragging rights and compete for epic prizes from a $20,000+ prize pool of gaming gadgets and tech from sponsors like MSI! Players of any skill level are welcome and encouraged to participate!

Participate in Panels & Workshops

Workshops will be hosted by over 50 voice actors from your favorite Video Games and Anime Series. Check out the schedule below!

MSI on the Tiltify Arena Stage

    We’re proud to share that MSI, the world leading electronics and gaming company, is bringing their industry-leading tech to the Tiltify Arena stage! They’ll be partnering with Tiltify & JackSepticEye for the #thankmas charity panel and offering fans chances to win amazing prizes like an MSI Gaming Notebook!

And if you’re looking for some great holiday deals, be sure to visit the MSI Holiday Page!

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