Los Angeles is an amazing ecosystem. Our energy and creativity are not only what makes us unique, but also what make us powerful. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been inspired by several members in our community that have used their power to connect with and support others.

Each week we’ve been highlighting small businesses and artists of our L.A. Comic Con family in in order to do what we can do best – celebrate and connect our fellow nerds. But this week we’d like to shine a spotlight on a few friends that have gone above and beyond to uplift our community.

Scroll down to read some truly heart-warming, fun and positive stories — Enjoy!

This Week – Sharing Stories From Our Community:


Legion M, the first fan-owned production company, knows a thing or two about the importance of community and connection. If you attended our 2019 show, they were responsible for Jay & Silent Bob Reboot and brought the set to our show floor. Over the last few weeks, Legion M has been featuring small businesses that have been affected by stay-at-home mandates, producing content on their Twitch such as weekly game nights, viewing parties, and curating a list of favorite film & TV shows. They also are electing essential workers as community superheroes and encouraging them to share their stories. Click here if you have someone you’d like to nominate or check out Legion M’s website if you’d like to learn more about their mission.


Rob Liefeld, the creator of Deadpool, and a longtime friend of L.A. Comic Con, is auctioning off his sketches and donating all the proceeds to comic book shops. Liefeld has raised over $40,000 so far and is depositing the proceeds directly into the comic book shop’s PayPal accounts. Here is a link to Rob’s instagram account, if you want to take a look.


Jim Lee, DC Chief Creative Officer and Publisher, has been leading the “60-day, 60-sketches fundraising drive” for comic book shops that are needing help the most. Here’s a link to his eBay seller profile if you’d like to browse. If you don’t get your hands on an original, don’t worry! Lee hopes to group all 60 sketches into a compilation and sell them with all proceeds going to the BINC foundation.


Sideshow Collectibles, the studio that has crafted some of our favorite figures and models over the last 25 years, is curating content to keep you busy if you’re stuck at home. Their “Stay-Inside-Show” is updated daily on their instagram account if you want their favorite picks. The realistic statue of “The Child” adjacent to this text is also an adorable work of art from Sideshow.


Darkhorse Comics, the publisher that brought you Hellboy, AliensBuffy the Vampire SlayerConan, and Star Wars, is encouraging people to stay home by offering deals on their entire digital library. All of their first Issues from some of their most popular series are Free-to-Read on Dark Horse Digital. In an effort to encourage people to stay at home, they’re selling all of their digital comics for 50% off. That’s not all though, their kids digital kids comics are available at an additional 50% off with the promo code “comics4kids.


Elizabeth Rage, one of our favorite cosplayers, has been sewing and donating face masks to healthcare workers. Elizabeth has listed a link to a tutorial on her instagram account and has called upon her fans to make them as well. Some of you might even have all the materials to make masks at home! Here’s a link to the tutorial she is using to make them


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