Meet the voices behind your
favorite video games and anime series!


We’re working with the legendary PCB Productions to include gaming, anime and e-sports in the West Hall! Meet and see the voices behind some of your favorite videos and anime as they participate in panels, workshops and signings all weekend long!

We’re excited to give you a sneak preview of what kind of content you can expect — New content will be added every week!


Meet the Voices Behind:

Final Fantasy

The voice actors known for playing some of you favorite characters from Final Fantasy VII: Remake, Final Fantasy IV, and more are joining us in the West Hall! Don’t miss your chance to meet Erika Harlacher, Erika Lindbeck, Greg Chun, John Bentley, Abby Trott, Chris Jai Alex, William Salyers, Debi Derryberry, Ogie Banks, Julie Nathanson, Karen Strassman, Megan Harvey, Dave Mitchell, Laura Post, Mocean Melvin and Phil LaMarr at Los Angeles Comic Con!


Fire Emblem

May the blessed light drive you from this land — Fire Emblem lands at L.A. Comic Con! Join Kirk Thornton, Richard Epcar, Karen Strassman, Erica Lindbeck, Sean Chiplock, D.C. Douglas, Megan Harvey, Dawn M. Bennett, Brianna Knickerbocker, Mela Lee, Salli Saffioti, Laura Post, Joe Zieja, Cassandra Lee Morris, Abby Trott, Kyle McCarley, Kyle Hebert and Billy Kametz in the West Hall this December 4-5!


Genshin Impact

Reality is the stillness buried deep beneath the illusion — Voices behind Genshin Impact is coming to L.A. Comic Con! Interact with the VO artists that voiced some of your favorite characters from the video game series such as: Brent Mukai, Keith Silverstein, Erika Harlacher, Debi Derryberry, Todd Haberkorn, Brianna Knickerbocker and Sean Chiplock! 


Guilty Gear

Voices from the beloved Guilty Gear Strive are heading to Los Angleles Comic Con! Don’t miss appearances by Alexander GrossRichard EpcarValerie AremKeith Arem and Sean Chiplock!



I am thou, thou art I… where are our Persona fans at?! Don’t miss the chance to catch the US voice over artists from all of the Persona games! Head to the West Hall to meet guests like Richard EpcarWendee LeeSteve PrinceAnna GravesKyle HebertValerie AremAmanda Winn LeeKeith SilversteinErica LindbeckSean ChiplockErika HarlacherCherami LeighJamieson PriceD.C. DouglasCassandra Lee MorrisWilliam SalyersKirk ThorntonAbby TrottBilly KametzLaura PostMegan Harvey, and Keith Arem!


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