Los Angeles is a special place – the world’s ultimate mash-up of artists, genres, creators, entertainers and more. Like everyone else, our local vendors and artists have been highly impacted by the current events, as all of us as fans and humans struggle to cope with several weeks of isolation and lockdown in the face of this virus.

So we asked ourselves, as the hometown L.A. Con, what could we do that might help? We reached out to our local comic book shops to ask how we can best support them during this time. The suggestions below come directly from them, and we thought we’d share with you. Although we are all forced to stay apart right now, it’s also a time for us to come together to help.

Each week our team will highlight small businesses, artists and vendors from our community that could use our support.

This Week — Ways to Support Your Local Comic Book Shop:

Many Comic Book Shops are offering phone/e-mail orders that can be shipped, as well as listing their inventories on various websites like eBay. We can even purchase gift certificates to help keep them afloat.

We know that these are hard times for our community, but there are a lot of ways to support the places you love for free. For example, following them on social media, signing up for their newsletters, sharing their posts with your friends, or leaving them a positive review on Yelp, Google, etc. There’s plenty we can do! Check out who’s closest to your neighborhood:

For some of us it might feel like we have lost our suit of armor. Without our armor, it might feel like we are powerless. But we must remember it is not our suit of armor that defines our strength, it is what we do to help the world around us.

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