Weapon Policy


Los Angeles Comic Con has always been and will always be as cosplay friendly as possible. We love the craftsmanship that goes into everything cosplayers do, but we also have a duty to make sure that everyone who attends our shows is safe and happy, so we ask that you review the following cosplay weapon policy.

Please note that everyone is subject to a safety screening and all weapons deemed safe by our team will be tagged before you head out onto the floor.

Allowed Props:

  • Lightsabers, wands, and sonic screwdrivers

  • Unstrung bows

  • Arrows if they are non-removable from their quiver or have a foam or no tip

  • Shields of all materials with no sharp edges (metal shields are allowed but may take longer to screen)

  • Lightweight plastic bats

  • Staffs and brooms

  • Whips (must be zip tied or otherwise attached to your person)

  • Swords constructed of light foam, plastic, or cardboard

  • Other items made from cardboard, foam, rubber and likewise lightweight materials

  • Obviously sci-fi or fantasy guns are allowed (e.g. Portal Guns, Han Solo blaster, phasers)

    • These MUST NOT resemble real world guns

    • They MUST be inoperable and cannot launch projectiles

Prohibited Items:

  • Realistic and replica firearms of any kind

  • Tasers

  • Glass or stone props

  • Projectile weapons or ones that can launch anything (e.g. slingshots)

  • Brass knuckles

  • Real, replica, or simulated explosives, ammunition, chemical weapons of any kind, including but not limited to: Simulated bomb vests, cartoon bombs, bullets, hand grenades, claymore mines, firecrackers, pepper spray, mace, powder caps

  • Metal or wood swords and other sharp-edged weapons

  • Excessively noisy props including but not limited to: airhorns, bullhorns, whistles


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